An exceptional jeweler, a historic French house. Mauboussin the pioneer jewelers of the Place Vendôme. In 1827, at 34 rue Greneta, Mr. Rocher founded a jewelry workshop where he worked the precious stone. Georges Mauboussin redeems him and founds his own brand, which he will call by his name: MAUBOUSSIN.
Fascinated by perfumery, Patrick Mauboussin, then at the head of the brand in the 90s, proposes to create a "perfume-jewel" by highlighting French know-how in the field. From thread to needle, Mauboussin invests the domain of perfume. The first bottle, in tetrahedron form, symbolizes the crystallization of the rough diamond; a form that seems obvious to a jeweler who offers a present to women. Since then, the perfumes MAUBOUSSIN are part of the tradition of jewelry; at once noble, refined, intense and impregnated with this bit of fantasy that characterizes the brand. Each fragrant creation originates from the essence of a jewel. Its forms, its look and its message are magnified by a fragrance, like a fragrant tribute.

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