Our values as a family business



Gradually, we are ensuring the sustainability and development of the company.

With 35 years of expertise in the beauty market in France, human values, trust, hard work and loyalty guide the way we interact with our customers.

Establishing a lasting partnership with our customers is the key to shared success from the outset.

VAG is also an experienced and dynamic team which understands the market perfectly. A team that has been able to adapt to various changes over several years in the perfume sector; previously a form of luxury craftsmanship, perfumery has become a major international industry to which the team has had to adapt.


Our network is our primary asset



While the company has grown with the arrival of new brands in our portfolio, over decades we have built a unique relationship with independent perfumeries and chains, thanks to our proximity, regular monitoring and ongoing support.

In 2016, VAG received an award from one of the largest chains in France: Beauty Success (150 consolidated stores and 150 independent stores):

“The French selective distribution company that has best met the expectations of its customers for 15 years”.