Created in 1994, La Maison de la Vanille has been imagined by a passionate man, Aldo Bielli, who was both an oenologist and a fragrance maker.
The olfactory designers of La Maison de la Vanille have perpetuated the philosophy of its creator and keep coming up with fragrances and products inspired by the most mysterious of all spices and its well-known smell.
Vanilla is sweet, rich, warm and surprisingly versatile, it is one of the most popular notes in the world of perfume.
“Vanilla has made me travel all around the world. From these distant shores, I have retained the soft, the wild, what is seized on the fly, the fresh, the suave and the mystery. Then I have closed my eyes and imagined.”

1994 – Aldo Bielli, oenologist and perfumer, founder of La Maison de la Vanille.

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