When an innovation becomes a classic
The daughter and granddaughter of perfumers, Jacqueline Couturier grew up in Grasse, the heartland of fine fragrance.Fascinated by fragrances, she proved to be one of the most talented and few women "noses". She created innovative and original fragrances for leading fashion brands whilst remaining anonymous. She rewrote the rule book by creating Coriandre in 1973. She brilliantly summarized what Coriandre meant to her: "With Coriandre, I wanted to recreate the scents that defined my childhood, my mother’s subtle and delicate perfume and the captivating fragrances of rural Grasse." In 1973, Coriandre became the first Chypre fragrance to include floral notes, particularly rose and jasmine, which are still the base of all Floral Chypre fragrances.

marque propre
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