Baldessarini: Distinguished fragrances that are as high-quality and stylish as their brands. Each fragrance makes a statement. This is especially true when regarding a perfume by one of the most successful world-class designers. High-quality, unconventional and innovative – the premium fragrances from Baldessarini are the symbol for the brand and reflect its unmistakable character. For the dynamic, independent man with style who goes his own way. He considers the highest expectations as his benchmark, also in terms of his fragrance.
Baldessarini is the luxurious fragrance brand for the most discerning tastes. The fashion designer Werner Baldessarini launched the eponymous scent and body care line in 2002. The first fragrance in the range, Baldessarini, continues to enjoy great success in the men’s fragrance sector far beyond the borders of Germany.

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